The Tyrant

Adventure so far...

Adventure Log – March 31st, 4986, Spring
by: Eularia Songsmith

What an adventure thus far! Leaving the Feywild with the merchant caravan proved to be the right choice as I’ve faced several encounters since then! My father would be so proud! The stories he shared over the years were great insight to the mortal world and I think I represented him well.

Just outside of a small trading post called Nordell, our caravan was ambushed by some creatures known as goblins. What ugly and awful creatures they were! Papa told me of his run-ins with them, so I wasn’t too afraid as I knew they weren’t very smart creatures. But if I hadn’t known that, I would have been sure they wanted my Eladrin flesh! Poor Princess Castleberry! I’m certain she had to be terrified!

Our caravan was very lucky that Rhegar was traveling with us. We were also aided by a Knight named Davian and a half-orc named Thokk who were citizens of Nordell that happened to be patrolling the area. Together we wiped out the goblin ambushers and their wolves. My first battle in this realm was so exhilarating! Now I see why Papa loved his time here!

Thokk is an interesting creature – half human and half orc. We weren’t sure whose side he was on at first, but he saved Allicia from attack thus we realized he was on our side.

We got into town, although it was more like a trading post. It definitely is no where near as large or luxorious as Fallingwaters. Davian and Thokk showed us the Inn where we could secure accommodations. Of course, I put my negotiating powers to use to get a free room! I’m glad to know my powers are just as good in this realm as they are at home. The party was excited to hear we made it to town the day before their annual Spring Festival. The Innkeeper, Stout Williams, told us the town had been experiencing escalating problems with goblin attacks. I felt so bad for them!

The festival was a grand time! There were many people that came from outside of town, games of chance, skill and strength. We all tried our luck at a game of Map, Key, Compass and did miserably! Allicia and I took part in a storytelling contest and I won a book of short stories from the local historian. She and I also participated in a little magic game that I also won! The historian, who has some arcana abilities, invited Allicia and I to visit her soon. Rhegar, Davian and Thokk all took part in the punching contest for rights to be called “King of the Festival.” It was a brutal contest, giving and receiving punches round after round! Thokk won, although all three of them put up a good fight! Allicia and I devised a way to make ourselves some money by having a mud wrestling show and charging admission. We made 150 gold for the town and an equal amount split between the two of us! Such a great idea!

What was most interesting to me during the festival is that Rhegar had his own booth set up in which he read fortunes from small bones. I paid the two gold to have him read my fortune and he sensed there was a man in my past that I loved greatly. He also said there was something I’m searching for that is closer than I realize. It gave me the shivers…could he be right? I’m fairly certain he was not a fraud. If it is true, I’m anxious to continue my adventures.

In the middle of the night after the festival, we were all awoken to cries of a fire in town! We rushed out of the Inn to find the town was being raided by goblins! This poor town really did have a goblin problem! The five of us worked together to kill the goblins and put out the fires. We found Jorisso and Autumn, owners of the Copper Cash General Store, unconscious and hurt. I was able to heal them up enough to stabilize them. We then found out from one of their children that their youngest, an infant named Lucas, had been taken by the goblins!

Rhegar suddenly changed – he became adamant that we leave immediately to find this child. I’ve only known him for a few days, but something really changed in him just then. He was urging Thokk to track the goblins and get us on their trail. Thokk was able to follow the trail with some difficulty, but we finally came to find two goblins posted in trees as lookouts with their sleeping wolves at the base of the trees.

Luckily, we were at the bottom of a bluff and were able to successfully sneak up on the lookouts and their animals. We made easy work of taking them out and intimidating one of the goblins into telling us where the goblin lair was.

We found the lair easily but found a goblin beast master and two drakes posting guard. It was a bit of a struggle, but we eventually killed them as well and made our way inside the cave. It was a windy hallway that opened into a large, almost circular room filled with garbage and a bunch of goblins! Rhegar, Davian and Thokk charged in and started the battle. There was a goblin spell caster that threw out a zone of some kind of magic that made it harder to attack the goblins! There were so many goblins! Davian took a lot of hits but we were able to overcome every one of them. We then heard a baby crying that turned out to be Lucas! Allicia picked him up, cleaned him off and made sure he was okay. She was very protective of him.

We headed back to town to return Lucas to Jossiro and Autumn. We were treated as heroes! Jossiro and Autumn were so thankful to have their son back safe that they gave each of us 100 gold! I was glad to see they were recovered from the attack. One week later, Autumn gifted the five of us with cloaks that she made to again show her gratitude. They are made of green wool with a badge on the left breast; a falling red leaf on a field of yellow. She tells us she will never forget what we did for her and hopes we can find strength in our darkest hours knowing how deeply we have touched the life of another person, especially one who is a stranger to most of us.

I left the Feywild looking for adventure and it seems I have found my party. Rhegar, Princess Castleberry, Davian and Thokk have proven to be great allies. I look forward to all that awaits us!

The Story So Far

Living in Nordell is not easy. Not only do you have to deal with the constant bickering of the rulers of Middlun and Vendiss and all the strife that brings, the land itself is incredibly harsh. The area is largely covered in hilly forests, making farming difficult at the best of times. In addition, being a remote settlement far to the north of any others in Middlun, the citizens have to contend with all manner of creatures in the untamed wilds

The town proper itself is really only a small walled gathering area with a temple, marketplace, an inn, a small barracks, and a few other small buildings. The majority of the population are spread out among among the surrounding areas in their own homes, and it’s not uncommon for livestock, or a whole family sometimes, to disappear in the middle of the night.

The people of Nordell are looking for brave adventurers to help clear out some of the dangerous creatures in the area and give them some peace of mind.


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