Character Creation

Character creation uses the standard 4e D&D creation process. We are starting at level 1 and using the standard point-buy method of assigning attributes in the PHB.

I would recommend using the offline character builder to create your characters, because we are using some Home Rules for advancement, and the Wizards Online Character Builder doesn’t allow you to do much customizing. Here is a link to a zip file containing the offline character builder and instructions for how to install it:

Offline Character Builder

I would prefer people make “heroic” characters. Not everyone has to necessarily be good, but I generally would like your characters to feel like they should “do the right thing” most of the time, or at least not terrorize the countryside on a whim.

Most classes/races are allowed, but I don’t want any races that, if you walked into a bar, most people would scream “Monster!”. So minotaurs are out. Dragonborn and Tiefling are fine, Devas I don’t really care for. If you’re unsure of something, just ask.

Here are a couple tools for getting you started thinking about your character’s background. I would really like the 10 Minute Backgrounds filled out if you can, they don’t take long. The other questionnaire is optional and is more of just a list of other questions you can think about and fill out if you like to flesh out more detail about your character’s personality and origin. If you would like to “create” anything in the world to make your character’s background work, I am open to that so just let me know and we can work something out.

10 Minute Background
Character Questionnaire

I would like you to email me ( whatever character background you have created and I can post the relevant information here in the Characters section. There is also apparently a PM system in Obsidian Portal, so if you go to my profile you should be able to send me a message through here if you like. If there is anything in the background you would like to keep private, let me know and I will add it as a GM note. The 10 Minute Background secrets will obviously be kept hidden.

Character Creation

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