The World

The name of the world you are adventuring in is Turi. The known world takes place on one continent, which is referred to as Dahmil, or just “The Land”. This continent is surrounded on all sides by the sea. The majority of people believe Dahmil to be the only large landmass on Turi, but if anyone has ever crossed the sea and found anything worth talking about, they’ve kept quiet.

Dahmil is divided up into five major empires, each ruled by powerful and apparently immortal monarchs. The story goes that the current rulers were a group of adventurers long ago when the world was new. They happened upon some incredible source of power and each took part of it, but eventually became suspicious of one another and separated. With their new-found strength they built up cities and raised armies in their own parts of the world.

For as long as anyone can remember, alliances between nations have always been in flux, largely at the fickle whims of their leaders. Rivalry and conflict between the kingdoms are commonplace, usually over border disputes, resources or some personal slight, real or imaginary. Full-scale war between nations is rare, though not unheard-of. It is not uncommon for two kingdoms to be battling one month and aiding each other the next, only to battle again when they tire of the arrangement.

The campaign will be starting in a town on the border between Middlun and Vendiss.

The Five Kingdoms of Dahmil:


There are a handful of other smaller, remote nations in Dahmil. The position of the rulers of the Five Kingdoms is that taking over these other nations is not worth their time, so they allow them to exist.

The World

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